The CPAA Programs

The Center For Polish and African Affairs runs special academic and non-academic programs.

Academic Program

Its academic programs are designed to attract a small number of first-rate African and Polish graduate students for the specialized master’s program, Master of Public Policy and Good Governance (MPPGG). In the area of good governance, MPPGG students will be fully exposed to both the theoretical and practical intricacies surrounding public and private sector corruption. Students will be provided a deeper understanding of African/Polish culture and society; comprehensive knowledge of developments in Africa/Poland, including: politics, economy, security and conflict studies, African/Polish history, ethnicity and religion, etc. All the courses are taught by  select leading world experts — both in theory and practice.

Non-Academic Programs

The Center’s non-academic programs include short courses and workshops on Public Policy Administration, International Politics and Diplomacy, Media Power, Cyber-Security, Polish-African Entrepreneurship, Civil Society and Democracy in Action. These seminal programs are designed for leading politicians, parliamentarians, top government bureaucrats and technocrats, who are further exposed to the complexities of public policy-making in a fast-changing world. This unique opportunity is extended to business and corporate leaders whose business decisions include public and private partnerships. Here, participants will learn the entire gamut of public security and safety economics.

Polish-African Internship Program

The Center will offer a few internship opportunities to first-rate African and Polish graduates from leading African and Polish universities. This initiative offers them a unique opportunity to spend three-months closely working with management in leading agencies of government and private businesses across Africa and Poland.

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